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Welcome Gorgeous

I understand the time and frustration that goes into finding a new hair stylist. I'm here to help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair you love.

Extensions and natural, lived-in color are what I do best so it's where I choose to focus my energy behind the chair. I love creating low-maintenance blends that mimic nature.


So grab your favorite drink, catch your breathe, and enjoy a little personalized self-care with me.

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What To Expect

I believe every visit should embody physical and mental well-being so you'll find I don't offer a la carte services. Instead, I've curated a few self-care packages with you in mind so our visits never feel like just another hair appointment.

Your first visit will take a little longer than our typical maintenance visits. Plan to relax for 4-6 hours depending on your goals.

Seasonal amenities are available in case you need something to sip or nibble during your visit.

How To Book

I'm currently only accepting new guests interested in Invisible Bead Extensions®. To learn more about IBE® and what to expect, please visit the extensions page linked below.

After you've decided I'm the right stylist for you, head to my booking page to request your Extensions Consultation.


You'll be prompted to fill out a Pre-Visit Consultation at the time of booking. It should only take a few minutes to complete and will help me better understand your hair and needs so I can come better prepared for our first visit.

If you’re ready to love your hair again, visit the links below to learn all the details!


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