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Invisible bead extensions

THe #1 Most requested Extensions method

IBE® addresses the common struggles experienced with traditional extensions methods. It's comfortable, offers full mobility, minimizes tension, avoids sticky residue and is nearly undetectable.

The hair remains in its natural fall so you can wear it up and out of the way as needed.

The foundation doesn't use adhesive so removal isn't messy, damaging or painful.

The beads are hidden to eliminate irritation and bald spots caused by friction.

The weft weight is distributed evenly to minimize tension and pulling.

The thread is stitched precisely to prevent sagging and keep your hair seamless.

IBE is great for most hair types and allows for added volume and/or length. Keep scrolling to learn more about your extension experience.



Whether you desire body, length or both, seamless extensions require a customized color application. For this reason, I only offer extension services with color packages.


We'll schedule your first maintenance appointment around 7 weeks out and from there, decide if your future visits can be extended to 8 or 10 weeks.


You'll have a few simple items to add to your daily self-care list. We'll go over these tips so you'll know how to protect your hair and scalp.


With proper at-home love, your extension hair may last up to a year. Over washing or styling may result in shortened wear.

Self-care guide


Danielle-1015 (1).jpg


Extensions are a luxury service so I want to be up front with pricing to help you decide if extensions are a good fit for your lifestyle.


Your total investment includes your extension hair, home maintenance kit, and fresh install. The prices below are starting prices and do not include the cost of other services needed to match your goals.

Volume starts at $875+

Length starts at 1500+

Both start at $2150+

You can browse new guest color pricing by visiting the Self-Care Menu.


Includes the Removal and Application of extensions but does not include coloring, cutting, styling or upgrades.

1 Row $170+

2 Rows $340+

3 Rows $510+

Removal $35+

Most color maintenance appointments range between $185 and $300.

Our first visit

Danielle-1007 (1) (2).jpg


Our initial consultation will take approximately one hour. Please come with clean hair, styled naturally.


At our consultation, we will discuss your color and extension goals. I'll teach you how to maintain your extensions at home, discuss the initial investment and maintenance costs for upkeep and I'll answer all your questions.

If you're still excited after we discuss the details of your specially created color and extension package and you've booked your installation appointment, your consultation investment will be applied to your initial install. Consultations are $100 and due the day of our first visit.

Ready to book



At the time of booking, you will be prompted to fill out a Pre-Consultation Form. It should only take a few minutes to complete and will help me better understand your hair and needs so I can come better prepared for our first visit. 

Once I've reviewed your submission and determined we are a good fit, your appointment will be accepted.

To get started, click the link below and let's get you the hair of your dreams!

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I'm happy to help. Click below to send me an email. Be sure to include a little information about what you're looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Click the link below and let me know a few days and times that work with your schedule. Be sure to add yourself to the wait list for last minute openings.

Still not sure

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