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Welcome, Gorgeous!

I'm so excited to have you here! I absolutely love connecting with people through beauty and I'm so glad you're ready for a little self-care.

As a busy mom of 4, I am no stranger to the importance of taking time for yourself. I make it my mission to create a relaxing and nourishing environment so our appointments always feel like a breath of fresh air.



I am a huge advocate for clean, sustainable beauty, and choose to use products that nourish and respect the environment.

I believe in clean color technology and natural based products that avoid harmful ingredients but don't compromise results.

I recycle 95% of the waste produced in my suite and offer an exchange program that allows my guests to donate their unwanted hair care to those in need.

It's a luxurious salon experience that embodies whole health.

What I Do.

I believe hair and scalp health are the key to beautiful, radiant color. During our consultations, you'll notice I ask a lot of questions. It allows me to curate a personal plan for you.

We'll focus our first visit on education so you'll know exactly how to care for your new hair and keep your scalp healthy once you get home.

Ready to book your first visit? Click below to access the extensions page to learn how to book.


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